Empower yourself with your data

Simplify your online life by making your data circulate easily from one online service
to another for free, effortlessly and under your control

How is portability useful?

Data Portability will be useful for you in all domains of your online life

Onecub is a personal data portability tool that allows you to get your data back from your multiple online services in order to transfer it to other services.

  • Food

    Transfering your food purchases to online recipes and food services will foster a healthy diet.

  • Mobility

    Allowing your data to circulate easily between services (train, plane, carsharing, etc.) will optimize your travels.

  • Job seeking

    Reuse of job and education data between platforms will improve job seeking.

Claim your right to data portability

Thanks to GDPR (the new General Data Protection Regulation), you profit from the enhancement of your privacy protection. With GDPR the European Union also gives you the new right to data portability and you can reclaim it from all of your online service.

Claim your right to portability via Onecub in a few clicks in order for them to propose you an innovative portability between your services.

How does Onecub work?

Onecub allows direct portability between your online services.

1 -

Just click on Onecub IMPORT or EXPORT buttons displayed on your usual online services.

Bouton Onecub d'import
Bouton Onecub d'export
Popup Onecub

Demonstration image

2 -

A Onecub popup will open directly onto your service and will display different portability options to multiple services. Onecub allows you to give your consent to portability through these popups.

3 -

You also have the possibility to create a Onecub account in order to control all of your data transfers from one single account.

Centre de gestion de partages

Demonstration image

How does Onecub protect your data?

Onecub allows you to exercise your right to portability and apply other parts of GDPR.

Here are the key elements of privacy policy:

  • Onecub asks for your explicit consent for each data transfer
  • Onecub allows you to keep control of your data at anytime
  • Onecub secures data storage and exchanges